Product Designers
Product Designer

Bill Kenney Focus Lab

A natural, lively, and charismatic people person, Bill focuses on the value of surrounding himself with great people, …

Product Designer

Martin Strutz AND CO

German designer, based in New York. Martin builds products with a strong focus on frictionless user experiences and …

Product Designer

Ruslan Siiz Fantasy

Warsaw-based Designer at Fantasy, who collaborating with amazing people around the world to create experiences for the …

Product Designer

Tobias Negele Shopify

Toronto based designer, born and raised in a small town in Bavaria, Germany. Currently building the future of Retail at …

Product Designer

Fabricio Rosa Marques Pitch

Berlin-based product designer, illustrator and tinkerer at heart. He loves to create delightful and sophisticated …

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Graphic Designers
Graphic Designer

Franny Van Eyck Freelancer

A funky fresh graphic designer who clowns around in pixels and is mastering the art of rewriting code. Currently …

Graphic Designer

Mercedes Bazan Stripe

Mercedes is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently based in Dublin, Ireland. At the …

Graphic Designer

Sam George Freelance

A designer with a focus on visual identity, art direction and digital products. Originally from Lisbon, PT.

Graphic Designer

Romain Tronchin Freelance

Romain Tronchin is a graphic and type designer based in Geneva. His work focuses mainly on visual identity, custom type …

Graphic Designer

Tatiana Egoshina Readymag

Everywhere-based multimedia designer. Makes simple bright-coloured shapes & typography for Readymag and other cool …

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Creative Directors
Creative Director

Emunah Winer Nihilo

Emunah Winer, Creative Director of visual design at Nihilo, specializes in brand identity, systems, and brand …

Creative Director

Sebastiaan de With Lux Optics (Halide)

San Francisco living Dutchman that loves photography, design, travel and motorcycles and who endeavoured to work on …

Creative Director

Alex Colley ikon

Founder & Creative Director of ikon, a Boutique Branding & Creative Agency specialising in design for affluent …

Creative Director

Mark Bloom Mash Creative

Mark is an award-winning creative director with over 20 years of design experience. During this time he has worked with …

Creative Director

Maria Almanza Hispánica

María José Almanza is the founder and CEO of HISPÁNICA, a creative studio based in Mexico City and working worldwide.

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Brand Designers
Brand Designer

Joseph Lebus Porto Rocha

Joseph is a Design Lead at New-York based creative agency, Porto Rocha. He studied French and Spanish at University, …

Brand Designer

Ryan Miyoshi Webflow

Brand design lead at Webflow in San Francisco. Passionate about branding, the web, helping people, and creativity.

Brand Designer

Frantisek Kusovsky Freelancer

Prague based brand & visual designer often wandering in Swiss alps. He loves grids, thin lines and design systems …

Brand Designer

Joseph Hillenbrand The Sasha Group

Joseph is a Minneapolis based graphic designer striving to find the balance between simplicity and storytelling. He …

Brand Designer

Ed Hatfield OMSE

Ed is a Design Lead at London-based design studio, OMSE. Crafting brands that deliver purpose, challenge convention and …

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Art Directors
Art Director

Gabriela Iglesias Frog

Gabriela is a New York-based art director, digital experience designer, fashion history lover, art enthusiast and gif …

Art Director

Isabel Moranta Locomotive

Isabel is a Spanish digital designer based in Montréal, CA. She is currently an Art Director at Locomotive.

Art Director

Surya Prasetya SPGD

Surya is the Art Director at SPGD, a graphic design and visual communication studio based in Melbourne.

Art Director

Marcelo Calderón Pánico Estudio

Marcelo is the founder and Art Director of Pánico Estudio, he studied advertising, but soon after working in Agencies, …

Art Director

Fabio Biesel Studio Fabio Biesel (Fabio Biesel GmbH)

Fabio Biesel is an Art Director and founder at Studio Fabio Biesel and also founder of SFB-FONTS. Instagram: …

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UX Designers
UX Designer

Will Rodenbough He/Him Avalara

Will is a Senior UX Designer on the Design System team at Avalara.

UX Designer

Jolanta Gil Maze

Jolanta is a Lead UX designer based in Krakow and is currently building Maze, a rapid testing platform for product and …

UX Designer

Sara Amato Forbes Media

Sara is a UX Designer residing in the East Coast with a love for design, typography, and coffee.

UX Designer

Neil Shankar Square

Neil Shankar is an Indian-American digital designer based in Berkeley, California. He is online as @tallneil.

UX Designer

Elena Liakou

Visual & UX/UI Designer based in LA, passionate about creating digital experiences that impact people's lives. …

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Design Directors
Design Director

David Navarro Twitter

Mediterranean-flavored, Brooklyn-based designer. Working as Director, Product Design at Twitter. Embracing constructive …

Design Director

Julian Stahl Pizza Pizza

Julian is co-founder of Berlin-based digital product studio Pizza Pizza, where he leads design and development.

Design Director

Ry Magno Contra

Ry is a Filipino designer helping shape the future of flexible work.

Design Director

Will Geddes The New Company

Swiss-Army Knife Design Director, dog enthusiast, part time DJ, husband and father.

Design Director

Miquel Pons Engine Digital

Miquel is a Spanish designer based in Canada. He is currently an Associate Design Director at Engine Digital ― a …

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Ryan Putnam Freelance

Ryan Putnam is an illustration designer and potter. His goal is to combine craft functionality with fine art integrity …


Agustin Gagliano Freelance

Agustin Gagliano is an architect and illustrator, born and based in Córdoba, Argentina. In recent years his …


Simone Noronha Freelance

Simone is an editorial illustrator and art director based in New York. She’s worked with The New York Times, WIRED, …


Caleb Worcester Freelance

Caleb Worcester is a Kansas City based Illustrator and Animator. His work combines traditional and 3D artforms to …


Ani Harutyunyan Parkinson animation studio

Illustrator from Armenia creating unique works on her style. A person who is always in search of discovering new and …

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Frontend Developers
Frontend Developer

Tatiana Mac Freelance

Tatiana is an anti-disciplinarian designer who (pre-pandemic) spent most of the year away from home, working from cafés …

Frontend Developer

Valerie Fuchs WeTransfer

Valerie Fuchs is a Software Developer at WeTransfer and Snacksplainer at Cafe Robot, the first non-awkward Computer …

Frontend Developer

Devine Lu Linvega XXIIVV

Operating under the Neauoire moniker, Devine is a polymath working on a series of experimental tools and applications …

Frontend Developer

Neil Pullman Grow

Creative developer based in Norfolk, Va. Making weird things with weird code.

Frontend Developer

Romain Avalle Freelance

Passionate interactive developer based in Amsterdam. I have been working in the industry for the last 15 years, from …

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Type Designers
Type Designer

Luzi Gantenbein Luzi Type

Luzi grew up in the Swiss Alps, runs his typefoundry and designs typefaces.

Type Designer

Morgane Vantorre Freelance

Morgane Vantorre is a freelance type designer and graphic designer based in Paris. Passionate about the materiality of …

Type Designer

Daniel Quisek Displaay

Younger half at Displaay type-foundry. Primarily manages and designs custom projects, but sometimes works on retail …

Type Designer

Jesse Ragan XYZ Type

Jesse Ragan designs a broad range of typefaces for XYZ Type, which he and Ben Kiel launched in 2017. Beyond making …

Type Designer

Fabian Dornhecker La Bolde Vita

In love with letters since he designed a typeface as his thesis. Focusing on conceptual and expressive display fonts …

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Digital Designers
Digital Designer

Pieter van Est Freelance

A freelance digital designer with a focus on Branding & Visual Design

Digital Designer

Cecilie Axelsen Kontrapunkt

A danish designer with a love for creating digital solutions, currently working at Kontrapunkt.

Digital Designer

Nubia Navarro Freelance

I create through color, type, form and of course: love.

Digital Designer

Danilo Campos Twoo and VTEX

Danilo Campos is a brazilian designer and developer based in Barcelona. He is co-founder of Twoo and designer at VTEX.

Digital Designer

Darshan Gajara GraphCMS & Product Disrupt

Product designer & maker living in Berlin. Darshan currently heads design at GraphCMS and …

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Freelancer Designers

Iain Macarthur Freelance

Iain Macarthur is a freelance Illustrator based in London, England. His work explores plays around with colour, detail …

UX Designer

Nuria Quero she/her Freelance

Nuria is a freelance designer based in Barcelona, specialized in UX design. She focuses on creating interactive …

Creative Coder

Erik Olsson Freelance

Erik is an iOS developer and the creator of Effekt, a graphics editor and visual toy.


Sara Ciprandi Freelance

Sara Ciprandi is a freelance illustrator based in Milan, specialized in editorial illustration for blogs, magazines and …

Design Director

Joshua Mauldin Freelance

Joshua Mauldin is a design leader who builds successful product design teams, loves design, and is also a visual …

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