Product Designers
Product Designer

Tania Lili Genius

Tania is a multidisciplinary designer from Mexico City based in Brooklyn. Currently leading the Design Team at Genius.

Product Designer

Andrea Mata Ueno

Designer based in San Francisco. Specialized in digital design with roots in editorial and graphic design. She loves …

Product Designer

Andreas Pihlström Soundtrack

A Swedish designer, hacker, creator, producer and maker of things.

Product Designer

Slava Kim Coinbase

Slava is a product designer born & raised in Russia, currently living in San Francisco.

Product Designer

Debashish Paul Facebook

Product Designer living in San Francisco Bay Area, originally from Calcutta, India. Currently building Facebook …

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Creative Directors
Creative Director

Daina Lightfoot Abstract

Canadian designer and creative director, based in Denver, CO. Outside of design she enjoys snowboarding, weightlifting, …

Creative Director

Ksenya Samarskaya Samarskaya & Partners

Ksenya is a creative practitioner and type designer, committed to integrated practices and to the process of unlearning.

Creative Director

Mark Bloom Mash Creative

Mark is an award-winning creative director with over 20 years of design experience. During this time he has worked with …

Creative Director

Mariana Luna Freelance

Mariana is a Mexican designer who is passionate about new technologies that enrich the way humans experience the world. …

Creative Director

Leon Ephraim Yummygum

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Amsterdam based design agency Yummygum with an eye for detail.

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Graphic Designers
Graphic Designer

Franny Van Eyck Freelancer

A funky fresh graphic designer who clowns around in pixels and is mastering the art of rewriting code. Currently …

Graphic Designer

David Airey Independent

Designer of enduring logos and visual identities, David runs an independent graphic design studio in the coastal town …

Graphic Designer

Julia Hoffmann EF

Graphic Designer, mother of three, living in Switzerland. Not afraid of moving around and embracing change. Currently …

Graphic Designer

Alan Clarke-Symonds Home

Senior graphic designer living and working in Bristol, UK. Passionate about creating simple, well-crafted ideas. …

Graphic Designer

Mercedes Bazan Stripe

Mercedes is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently based in Dublin, Ireland. At the …

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UX Designers
UX Designer

Lilian Tellez PayPal

Lilian is a Mexican UX Designer who loves tea and great stories. Driven by curiosity and purpose, she makes ideas …

UX Designer

Jolanta Gil Maze

Jolanta is a Lead UX designer based in Krakow and is currently building Maze, a rapid testing platform for product and …

UX Designer

Karen Ko Adobe

Karen is a UX Designer based in San Francisco and is currently working at Adobe for the Creative Cloud team. In her …

UX Designer

Sara Amato Forbes Media

Sara is a UX Designer residing in the East Coast with a love for design, typography, and coffee.

UX Designer

David Bailey BBC

Based in the UK, David is the BBC's UX Principal for Visual Design and Branding. Beginning his career at the renowned …

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Freelancer Designers
Product Designer

Kim Baschet Freelance

Kim Baschet is a french Digital Designer working worldwide. She creates websites, applications, and experiences for …

Product Designer

Santiago Alonso Freelance

Santiago is a designer based in Atlanta by way of NYC and Uruguay. He helps startups grow through tactical product …


Simone Noronha Freelance

Simone is an editorial illustrator and art director based in New York. She’s worked with The New York Times, WIRED, …

Frontend Developer

Tatiana Mac Freelance

Tatiana is an anti-disciplinarian designer who (pre-pandemic) spent most of the year away from home, working from cafés …

Product Designer

Rodrigo Leles Freelance

Rodrigo is a Brazilian freelance designer based in São Paulo who loves to play the guitar, host podcasts, create …

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