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Product Designer

Shivam Sinha Work&Co

Shivam Sinha is a designer, creative developer, and animator based in New York City. Currently building great digital …

Product Designer

Sigit Adinugroho Tripadvisor

Product designer with passion in designing for different markets and audiences. Currently at Tripadvisor, with …

UX Designer

Lily Bather HomeToGo

Lily is a User Experience Designer living in Berlin. Passionate about social causes like Feminism, Equality and Animal …

Product Designer

Ramy Majouji Brex

Ramy Majouji is a Canadian-Tunisian product designer and front-end developer, currently leading design systems at Brex.

Product Designer

Oleg Frolov Arrival

Oleg Frolov is an interaction designer who loves experimenting with cutting-edge technology and designing simple, …

Product Designer

Flávio Bezerra BCG Digital Ventures

Flávio Bezerra is a Lead Experience Designer at BCG Digital Ventures, helping companies to build startups. Over the …

Brand Designer

Darian Newman Dropbox

San Francisco based designer currently bridging the Brand Studio and Design Systems teams at Dropbox.

Product Designer

Andy Chung read.cv

Andy is the founder and designer at Read.cv, a professional platform to form beautiful profiles and make meaningful …

Product Designer

Destani Abney-June Dropbox

Dog Mom, Coffee Enthusiast and Product Designer at Dropbox, based in Austin Tx

Product Designer

Daniel Klopper GoDaddy

Daniel is a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on Product Design & 3D Visualization. Based in Cape Town, South …

Product Designer

Amy Lima Pinterest

First-generation Brazilian-American, music industry transplant, and product designer working on the creator team at …

Product Designer

Dario Stefanutto Freelance

Dario Stefanutto is a multidisciplinary freelance designer from Italy. He works with international startups to design …

Product Designer

Spencer Alexander Marsh Turtle

Spencer is a designer based in the Vancouver area, leading projects at Turtle. Focusing on experience, brand, and …

Product Designer

Zeno Kapitein Crisp

Here to create products that make me smile, and help you be your best self.

Product Designer

Teresa Man Superhuman

Teresa leads design at Superhuman and community at Elpha. She is a Canadian transplant currently living in New York, …