15 Interviews


Sheyda Sabetian Blinkist, and freelance

Art director by day, freelance illustrator by night. Born in Guatemala, based in Berlin.


Iain Macarthur Freelance

Iain Macarthur is a freelance Illustrator based in London, England. His work explores plays around with colour, detail …


Sara Ciprandi Freelance

Sara Ciprandi is a freelance illustrator based in Milan, specialized in editorial illustration for blogs, magazines and …


Giulia Zoavo Freelance

Giulia Zoavo is an Italian-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer. Inspired by urban life, diversity and pop …


María Luque freelance

María Luque was born in Argentina in 1983. She has been exhibiting her work since 2005 in museums and independent …


Levi Jacobs Freelance

Levi Jacobs is a Dutch illustrator based in Rotterdam. His style is eye-catching, especially his use of colors and …


Yeye Weller Freelance

I'm Yeye Weller. I work and live as an illustrator in Munster, Germany. I like colours, soccer, and the sidecar …


Caleb Worcester Freelance

Caleb Worcester is a Kansas City based Illustrator and Animator. His work combines traditional and 3D artforms to …


Agustin Gagliano Freelance

Agustin Gagliano is an architect and illustrator, born and based in Córdoba, Argentina. In recent years his …


Frederique Matti Freelance

Frederique Matti is a Dutch freelance illustrator that got obsessed with painting. At the moment she's painting and …


Nina Cosford Freelance

Nina Cosford is a freelance illustrator based in Hastings, UK. She was recently named one of the Top 20 Female …


Simone Noronha Freelance

Simone is an editorial illustrator and art director based in New York. She’s worked with The New York Times, WIRED, …


Ani Harutyunyan Parkinson animation studio

Illustrator from Armenia creating unique works on her style. A person who is always in search of discovering new and …

Product Designer

Andrea Limjoco Spotify

Andrea is a Product Design Lead at Spotify. Now, she is helping bring your favourite podcasts to the world of music. …


Ryan Putnam Freelance

Ryan Putnam is an illustration designer and potter. His goal is to combine craft functionality with fine art integrity …