22 Interviews

Motion Designer

Naufalrel Pandu Freelance

Motion and graphic designer based in Indonesia. Focusing on the intersection between motion and typography. Combining …

Graphic Designer

Romain Tronchin Freelance

Romain Tronchin is a graphic and type designer based in Geneva. His work focuses mainly on visual identity, custom type …


June Mineyama-Smithson Freelance

MAMIMU (June Mineyama-Smithson) is a London-based Japanese artist/graphic designer on a mission to spread optimism. …

Creative Director

Tina Touli Tina Touli

Tina Touli is a London based creative director, multidisciplinary graphic communication designer, maker, speaker and …


Giulia Zoavo Freelance

Giulia Zoavo is an Italian-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer. Inspired by urban life, diversity and pop …

Art Director

Peter van Langen Studio Peter van Langen

Rotterdam-based freelance graphic designer and art director. Operating at the intersection of music, culture and art.

Graphic Designer

Carlos Kun Twoo

Carlos Kun is a designer and art director, co-founder of Twoo, an independent design studio based in Barcelona working …

Graphic Designer

Surya Anand House of van Schneider

Surya Anand is a self-taught designer with an intent to explore and learn everything that he loves.

Graphic Designer

Jordan Egstad Freelance

Jordan Egstad is a graphic designer and web developer creating expressive and enduring brand identities, websites, …

Graphic Designer

Nolan Paparelli Freelance

Swiss graphic and type designer currently based in Munich, Germany. His work focuses mainly in the fields of editorial …

Graphic Designer

Sigiriya Brown Both

Designer and art director, co-founder of Both.

Graphic Designer

Julia Kahl Slanted Publishers

Julia Kahl studied Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt before moving to Karlsruhe in …

Graphic Designer

Sam George Freelance

A designer with a focus on visual identity, art direction and digital products. Originally from Lisbon, PT.

Graphic Designer

Kieron Lewis Freelance

Kieron Lewis is a south London-bred, freelance graphic designer and public speaker.

Graphic Designer

Tatiana Egoshina Readymag

Everywhere-based multimedia designer. Makes simple bright-coloured shapes & typography for Readymag and other cool …