42 Interviews

3D Designer

Sergey Shurupov Freelance

I am a multidisciplinary designer who loves to find beauty on the intersection of natural and artificial. Playing with …

Digital Designer

Nubia Navarro Freelance

I create through color, type, form and of course: love.


Levi Jacobs Freelance

Levi Jacobs is a Dutch illustrator based in Rotterdam. His style is eye-catching, especially his use of colors and …

Motion Designer

Christoph Strohfeld Freelance

3D Designer / Artist / Art Director from Germany. Currently freelancing and enjoying the new role as a father.


Yeye Weller Freelance

I'm Yeye Weller. I work and live as an illustrator in Munster, Germany. I like colours, soccer, and the sidecar …


Caleb Worcester Freelance

Caleb Worcester is a Kansas City based Illustrator and Animator. His work combines traditional and 3D artforms to …

Creative Coder

Jesper Vos Freelance

From concept to code, I work hand-in-hand with developers and designers—juxtaposing the intuitive with the curious to …

Digital Designer

Luke Dillon Freelance

I'm a 3D artist from Dublin, Ireland.

Graphic Designer

Jordan Egstad Freelance

Jordan Egstad is a graphic designer and web developer creating expressive and enduring brand identities, websites, …

Product Designer

Dario Stefanutto Freelance

Dario Stefanutto is a multidisciplinary freelance designer from Italy. He works with international startups to design …

Frontend Developer

Romain Avalle Freelance

Passionate interactive developer based in Amsterdam. I have been working in the industry for the last 15 years, from …

Design Director

Guillaume Azadian Freelance

Hands-on Design Director working with agencies and brands on memorable digital projects, with a love for motion and …

Graphic Designer

Nolan Paparelli Freelance

Swiss graphic and type designer currently based in Munich, Germany. His work focuses mainly in the fields of editorial …

Digital Designer

Pieter van Est Freelance

A freelance digital designer with a focus on Branding & Visual Design

Product Designer

Aaron Aalto Freelance

The big thinking in the tiny things. The story-driven thinking. The thinking that causes tension, breaks rules, and …