66 Interviews

Product Designer

Brandon Forant He/Him Freelance

Brandon Forant is a product design leader that collaborates with founders and teams to create new digital experiences, …

Graphic Designer

Sania Saleh Freelance

An experienced designer + director in London helping clients shape meaningful products, brands, and processes.

Graphic Designer

Annette Wong she/her Freelance

A Canadian-born designer living in Queens, New York. I was a lead designer at Vimeo until recently moving into …

Product Designer

Tommy Mason Him/His Freelance

Tommy is a Senior Product Designer Contractor who works on the likes of Tripadvisor to help design user-centric …

3D Designer

Jantana Hennard Freelance

Jantana Hennard is a French-Thai designer based in Los Angeles, California. She enjoys creating visual experiments with …

Art Director

Gemma Estadella Colomé Freelance

Freelance Art Director, Graphic Designer & photographer from Barcelona. She works on a varied range of projects, …

Art Director

Erno Forsström Freelance

Erno is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary Art Director focusing on brand design and digital design.



NOCELLCOVERAGE is an Artist & Designer focusing on the relationship between technology and the natural world, …

Art Director

Fabrizio Morra Freelance

Fabrizio Morra is an Italian designer specialized in Art Direction, Visual Design and Illustration working between …


Iain Macarthur Freelance

Iain Macarthur is a freelance Illustrator based in London, England. His work explores plays around with colour, detail …

UX Designer

Nuria Quero she/her Freelance

Nuria is a freelance designer based in Barcelona, specialized in UX design. She focuses on creating interactive …

Creative Coder

Erik Olsson Freelance

Erik is an iOS developer and the creator of Effekt, a graphics editor and visual toy.


Sara Ciprandi Freelance

Sara Ciprandi is a freelance illustrator based in Milan, specialized in editorial illustration for blogs, magazines and …

Design Director

Joshua Mauldin Freelance

Joshua Mauldin is a design leader who builds successful product design teams, loves design, and is also a visual …

Motion Designer

Naufalrel Pandu Freelance

Motion and graphic designer based in Indonesia. Focusing on the intersection between motion and typography. Combining …