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Enrique Sánchez Automattic

Enrique is a designer from Mexico who loves accessible and inclusive design. He currently works at Automattic, where he …

Graphic Designer

Tatiana Egoshina Readymag

Everywhere-based multimedia designer. Makes simple bright-coloured shapes & typography for Readymag and other cool …

Product Designer

Jason Yuan Inventor

Jason is an artist, performer, and inventor with a North Star of making the worlds we live in more fluid, ergonomic, …

Creative Director

Daina Lightfoot Abstract

Canadian designer and creative director, based in Denver, CO. Outside of design she enjoys snowboarding, weightlifting, …

Product Designer

Stanley Joseph Rhino

Stanley Joseph is a Product Designer from Queens, NY. Lately he's been thinking about the ethics of design and when …

Product Designer

Justin Barber Applied Intuition

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Justin leads design at a Silicon Valley startup in the autonomous vehicle space.

Product Designer

Kim Baschet Freelance

Kim Baschet is a french Digital Designer working worldwide. She creates websites, applications, and experiences for …

Product Designer

Caitlin Goodale Drest

Caitlin is the Head of UI/UX Design at Drest, creating the world's first luxury styling game! She specialises in …

Design Director

Miquel Pons Engine Digital

Miquel is a Spanish designer based in Canada. He is currently an Associate Design Director at Engine Digital ― a …

Product Designer

Vic Nikitina GitHub

Vic is a self-taught designer with a focus on product design and design infrastructure. As an immigrant designer with a …

Product Designer

Joanna Ngai Microsoft

Seattle based designer responsible for data marketplace dynamics. Illustrator and green tea drinker. Writing on design, …

Product Designer

Angela Li Airbnb

Angela is a product designer based in New York. Originally from Toronto, Ontario— she loves writing about light and …

Product Designer

David Hoang Webflow

David is a product designer and angel investor. He believes everything should be prototyped and explored, whether it's …

Product Designer

Cory Etzkorn Notion

Cory is a designer at Notion. He cares about both form and function and believes in the power of simplicity.