Rotterdam-based freelance graphic designer and art director. Operating at the intersection of music, culture and art.

Recent Interviews
Product Designer

Destani Abney-June Dropbox

Dog Mom, Coffee Enthusiast and Product Designer at Dropbox, based in Austin Tx


Levi Jacobs Freelance

Levi Jacobs is a Dutch illustrator based in Rotterdam. His style is eye-catching, especially his use of colors and …

Motion Designer

Christoph Strohfeld Freelance

3D Designer / Artist / Art Director from Germany. Currently freelancing and enjoying the new role as a father.

Digital Designer

Danilo Campos Twoo and VTEX

Danilo Campos is a brazilian designer and developer based in Barcelona. He is co-founder of Twoo and designer at VTEX.


Yeye Weller Freelance

I'm Yeye Weller. I work and live as an illustrator in Munster, Germany. I like colours, soccer, and the sidecar …

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