Noelle is an independent designer specialized in product design and brand identity. Beyond design, she's passionate about building community through mentorship and interactive workshops.

Recent Interviews

Enrique Sánchez Automattic

Enrique is a designer from Mexico who loves accessible and inclusive design. He currently works at Automattic, where he …

Graphic Designer

Tatiana Egoshina Readymag

Everywhere-based multimedia designer. Makes simple bright-coloured shapes & typography for Readymag and other cool …

Product Designer

Jason Yuan Inventor

Jason is an artist, performer, and inventor with a North Star of making the worlds we live in more fluid, ergonomic, …

Creative Director

Daina Lightfoot Abstract

Canadian designer and creative director, based in Denver, CO. Outside of design she enjoys snowboarding, weightlifting, …

Product Designer

Stanley Joseph Rhino

Stanley Joseph is a Product Designer from Queens, NY. Lately he's been thinking about the ethics of design and when …

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