Pooja is a Product Illustrator, Visual Designer, and Art Director and currently working remotely from Berlin.

Recent Interviews
Product Designer

Michael Riddering Maven

"Ridd" is the founding designer at Maven and the creator of Dive. He also has a course called Figma Academy where he …

Digital Designer

Alicia Blázquez She / Her Saffron Brand Consultants

Alicia Blázquez is a Senior Digital Designer passionate about bridging the gap between branding and digital to boost …

Design Director

Dave Klein Salesforce

Design leader, mentor, rule of ⅓ photographer, coffee enthusiast. Lives in San Francisco.

Product Designer

Brandon Forant He/Him Freelance

Brandon Forant is a product design leader that collaborates with founders and teams to create new digital experiences, …

Product Designer

Lukas Kmoth Galaxy

With a passion for both design and emerging technologies, I am supporting early-stage companies at Galaxy Ventures. …

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