Kaixi is a polymathic artist from Auckland, New Zealand, and co-founder/CEO of ENTITY design studio, a consultancy evolving systems for the health of Earth & its inhabitants.

Recent Interviews
Brand Designer

Ross West He/His DeepMind

Ross West is a London-based visual designer at DeepMind, an artificial intelligence lab part of Alphabet, where he …

Digital Designer

Sarah de Jager Verve

Always taking on the challenge to bridge the gap between branding and digital. Her signature? Bold and creative digital …


Lorenzo Dall'Osso Freelance Illustrator

My name is Lorenzo, an italian illustrator, visual designer and muralist based in Turin, Italy. Through my illustration …

Product Designer

Kalyn Krivacek she/her Superhuman

Chicago-based Product Designer and professional Figma Lurker.

Graphic Designer

Annette Wong she/her Freelance

A Canadian-born designer living in Queens, New York. I was a lead designer at Vimeo until recently moving into …

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